Canadian New Grad, Seeking Full Time Employment in US

  1. I am a recent Grad from Ontario Canada, I am willing to relocate just about anywhere in the US. I am most interested in an OB position however I realize that most institutions hire new grads for Med/Surg.I completed the pre-grad portion of my Nursing education on a LDRP unit and have an excellent reference from the hospital. I knew the first time I stepped into a delivery room that it was what I wanted to do! In addition to Nursing, I have also been an EMT for 3 years and been involved in Ski Patrol for 7 years. I am not interested in Travel nursing. I am only interested in contracts that would be 6 months or more. I am in the process of becoming licensed in Minnesota as well as CGFNS certification. If anyone has any information or contacts please let me know.Thanks! Jen

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    Hi, I know you are not interested in travel, but have you thought about what's called a "Temp to Perm" situation? You work for a facility from 30 days to 6 months through an agency. Then, if you like the facility and they like your work, you become an employee of that facility. I would like to explore this with you if your interested. Call me at 1-800-657-5731 or e-mail me at