Can UA be performed on pull back from Foley flush?

  1. I performed a routine flush on a Foley catheter, using 30 ml NS. When I performed the routine pull back of 30 ml, the fluid was cloudy. I kept the sample, attempted to draw out more urine to use for a UA sample, but was unable to obtain any more than the 30 ml. Is it even worth taking this sample to the lab for a UA since it was (at least in part) the NS I had just inserted for the flush? BTW, the urine previously collected in the bag was relatively clear.
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    I am not sure I understand the question.

    It sounds like what you have in the syringe is a mixture of urine and water.

    Is that what you are thinking of testing?
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    I must have been too tired to think straight when I posted this question. Please disregard and close discussion.