calling all RNs from NY and WA (state)

  1. Anyone out there from Washington state or New York (Hudson Valley area)? In what area do you work (hospital, home health, nursing home, etc.) and what do you make per hour?
    Thanks -- I am researching new areas!

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  3. by   pdxrn
    I moved to Portland from SW Washington last June and the pay is comparable to here. In Longterm care hourly pay ranges form $16.00 to $18.50 for charge nurses depending on shifts and facility. RCM's make $17.50 to $20
    per hour. If you work agency, hourly ranges from $24 to 32 for LTC and $28 to $40 for acute care depending on specialty. Acute care staff runs between $20.00 and $24.00 per hour. Hope this helps