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I've been hitting the allnurses discussions quite a bit in the last few weeks. Not only do I feel burned out and fed up, but I'm also reading a lot of posts from others feeling the same way. ... Read More

  1. by   cactus wren
    I went loking for the checklist on burnout...found it and emailed to my NM....But then I kept reading........oooooooooohhh,, Montroyal.......I`m soooooooo jealous.........But I don`t think Nascar is ready for an old, fat out of shape nurse.....but i can fantasize, can`t I ? Wasn`t yesterdays race great ?? Lots of newbies doing well in Nascar this year, only a few weeks before PIR ...CAn`t wait....
  2. by   sjoe
    Yeah. That Jamie McMurray was certainly a surprise. Amazing amount of poise for someone his age and experience in the after-the-race interviews.

    Todd Bodine didn't do himself any favor by trying to pass the buck instead of just admitting he screwed up (unfortunately taking Ward Burton and 8 other with him).

    (Fortunately, when I make mistakes, it is not--as yet--shown on national television.)
  3. by   Youda
    Originally posted by sjoe
    (Fortunately, when I make mistakes, it is not--as yet--shown on national television.)
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
  4. by   futuretlc
    I am tired, and burned out, only I don't have the savings or vacation time to get away long enough to regroup. I took a week off 2 weeks ago and came back 2 days and felt like I never left. I am probably not as bad off as most since I work in a retirement home; however, I do work on a memory impaired unit. I feel like I am being pulled 50 different directions and most often it leaves me going home with a major headache. I started off as a CNA and loved doing patient care. The problem is the paycheck. I now have my LPN and can't do patient care for the paperwork.
    My conflict is the paperwork keeps adding up while my anxious, and confused ( did I mention that they all ambulate) residents are demanding 1:1 attention we cant give. The administrator for ALC actually expects us to do the Activities as well! I think I am about ready to put my foot down and dig my heals in and let come what may. I think if the administrators and doctors spent more that 5-15 min with one of these Residents they might get a clue.. Naturally they only tend to show up while everyone is eating... and that may be once a week.
    Our staffing isn't as bad as most, so maybe I am just spoiled. I just feel frustrated that I don't have the time to provide the care and give quality time to my residents that I know they deserve.
    I will stop venting and get over it now.
    On a lighter note I have found some quite funny stress related jokes that bring a smile. I have them posted in my office. It helps sometimes when I feel the weight on my shoulders... They are easy to find on the internet. Thanks for the outlet... i took your test and got a 49, revised version a 62. I wish I could get paid for working in my sleep. I dream I am working sometimes.lol.
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  5. by   Wolfpax
    Well, I saw the topic so I'm taking the opportunity to vent... just recently I found out that a very important portion of my brain is missing...the portion that can delegate and or pass the buck...it was most likely pushed out of my skull by the Super ego/ Super Nurse tumor that has been festering for some time...it fed off of the "oh you're so creative...you make that look so easy...I really need you're help you are so good at that..."etc and so on propaganda. I'm beat...I have almost a year to go for my masters (not in nursing), I have several work projects including my thesis(since I'm using my job for it), and I am the only evening RN on my unit Acute Psych Admissions, I tired of being the only person who doesn't get to work with another colleague. The straw that broke the camel's back...I was stuck in the elevator for 30minutes, Fire Department extricated me through that little hole in the roof of the elevator...PS- did I tell you I am ladder phobic ? Unbeknownst to me I was the fifth person stuck in that elevator within the past two weeks( the only one that had to use a ladder to get out though)...I am screaming (inside), expressing myself accurately but I'm just getting "That's too bad" looks...and so on...
    I NEED HELP !...I do this to myself, I was a paramedic that became an ER RN, left that with burn out and became and Acute Psych RN and what am I looking forward to as a career change ?
    Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Disaster Interventions...Really, I'm not an anal Type A, I'm really very oral and Type B...I actually believe and practice alternative medicine... met the real Patch Adams... so when did I become Mc Murphy from China Beach( heck I think even she knew how to relax at times, unfortunately I don't drink)...and now I'm confused and don't know where the Heck I was going with this ??? except to vent...I'm afraid to take the burnout test.
  6. by   Youda
    Love your writing style, Wolfpax! You gave me my first good laugh of the day as I sit here drinking my first cup of coffee. I really think I would have enjoyed being stuck in an elevator at work. I'd still be on the clock. I wouldn't be expected to answer the phone or call lights. I always have my cigarettes in my pocket, so I could smoke inside the building and claim I had to because of stress of claustrophobia. I could take a nap. Someone else would have to do MY work for ME for a change. And the best part of all is that you could take a few days off for post-traumatic stress syndrome. Being stuck in an elevator is SO traumatic, you know. The problem with nursing today is that we have just not taken advantage of the many opportunites we have to be passive-aggressive. I'm going to start recommending it as a viable coping mechanism. Anyway you could get stuck again? If so, be sure and have a good paperback in your labcoat pocket. Or maybe a mini-TV and watch the soaps?
  7. by   futuretlc
    omg, wonderful suggestions Youda, wish our elevators would get stuck once and a while.
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  8. by   mattsmom81
    'As nurses we have yet to take full advantage of more opportunities to be passive aggressive as a coping mechanism."

    ROFL! Sure a lot of passive aggressive nurses out there, but guess as a profession we're only halfway to our full potential....LOL.
  9. by   nightingale
    Great thread and great pic Mont.... I am so envious of hte thrill....

    thanks for sharing guys!
  10. by   HRHNurse Carol
    I can't believe I only scored 31 on the burnout quiz. I'm at home right now recuperating from surgery- I had that roux-n-y gastric bypass on Sept. 30. Funny thing is, I almost chickened out and didn't go through with the surgery- then I remembered if I didn't have the surgery I'd have to go to work. Easy choice there!