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  1. Hi, I knew a co-worker R.N. (I think a diploma grad) who achieved her BSN by way of a correspondence school, then had to go take a very intense 3-6 week clinical course and test at the end. I don't know where or what school she obtained her degree at but I am very interested in doing this myself. Any of you obtained your BSN this way? and where do I find these programs? Any info will be greatly appreciated. I am an RN (2 yr)doing home care of chronically ill children now. Please help! Sue

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  3. by   Tim-GNP
    With the miracle of the internet, I predict that traditional colleges [for adult continuing education students] may one day be obsolete. If you can deal with the independence, and stay motivated, then go to:

    It is formerly Regents college in New York. It is fully accredited, and I know people who received their BSN's through them. Good luck in whatever you do.

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