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  1. I have recently completed my BSN at UBC this past May98. I am desperate to start off my career, I prefer to work in Med/Surg Pediatrics or Adult Acute Care. Can anyone assist a new grad nurse to get a boost in her career. I am available to take travel assignments but, would currently prefer something in Calgary Alberta in the next few months. I have had a recent interview with a large Vancouver hospital in Med/Surg area and they said they prefer someone with experience. How does a BSN get experience, I thought nursing school prep at the degree level was sufficient. Need advice and employment. Thankyou Wendy
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    Hi Wendy, I am the nursing coordinator for the travel portion of MRIC/Maxwell. I think the recruiters at our Vancouver office may be able to help you with your search. Give them a call at 1-800-829-6806. Good luck in your search.