BSN Grad Seeking Med-Surg RN Position in WA

  1. I am a recent BSN graduate seeking an entry level staff RN position in a medical-surgical unit. I will be receiving my WA licensure by endorsement in 1 month. I am currently CPR/FIRST AID certified. Although I have no job experience to offer, I have been exposed to a wide variety of clients and have developed excellent clinical skills during my clinical rotations. My clinical experience includes 1 year of Med-Surg, as well as rotations in ICU/CCU, Rehab, Psych, OB/L&D, Pediatrics, Community Health, and Same Day Surgery. I possess a very strong motivation to learn, and a friendly, enthusiastic attitude. I thrive in a busy team oriented environment. If you would like to become my preceptor or know of any information regarding my circumstance, reply or contact me at Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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