Bronchoscope Disinfection

  1. Can anyone give me more information regarding the normal standards concerning how a bronchoscope should be sterilised. Is it enough sterilising it with Gluteraldehyde in a basin or should a proper machine be used and for how long should it be left in the solution.
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  3. by   hollykate
    That used to be my job as a ED technician. There should be instructions that come with the scope on how to clean it- but from experience, NO soaking the thing for 20 min will not clean it. Eventually the scope will get clogged with STUFF that wasn't gotten out and then you will be in trouble when the MD can't visualize it. We have two bronchoscopes on a difficutl airway cart. The short one is soaked, the long one we send to the Bronch Lab for disinfection- they take it apart,and get it clean- I don't know how though, every few weeks, if we are using it a lot, we send the short one to the lab as well.