blood in peg tube

  1. i had a patient who receives tube feeding through a peg tube. he doesnt get any medicine through peg, just water flush and tube feeding. for the las few days, i"m having a lot of resistance when i tried to flush with water and when i aspirated back, there was a small amount of blood in the tube. what do you think is the cause of this? for the first few times, i couldnt flush with water, then finally i was able to flush. when i started his tube feeding, its infusing without problem.
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  3. by   CABG patch kid
    How old is the PEG site? Has there been any trauma to the area? Is the patient on any medications that could cause GI bleeding and does the pt have a history of GI bleed?

    Regardless, I would think about possible causes and notify the MD. I hope the pt is ok!
  4. by   cmawrule
    Definetly need to let the MD know. Possible causes: GI bleed, some kind of pulling or trauma to the tube, ulcer, etc. Good thing you got it unclogged, blood can set like cement. seen any more?
  5. by   DebanamRN
    He need MD evaluation STAT. Prob. a trip to the ER. Blood in the PEG is never good.