Biased care in the Emergency Room?

  1. There have been recent articles about certain ethnic groups receiving substandard care from their health/medical care practitioners. The lastest one, a study from Emory University in Atlanta, indicates that black patients receive substandard care in emergency rooms for traumatic diagnoses. Would like to see the opinions of ER nurses and others who work in the emergency room on this topic. Thanks.
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  3. by   beano
    [I read that article in the AJN and was stunned!!! I'm not sure how they did their data collection, but to me there must be some mistake, some error in the data collection that biased the results. As far as I'm concerned, patients are patients...race,religion..whatever. I can't imagine someone doing a sub standard job simply because a patient is black.

  4. by   beano
    go to and take the "how biased are you" test