Benefits of VA Hospital?

  1. This is sort of a continuation of the coversation on VA hospitals. I have been interested in applying since I became an LPN last year. I am asking for posts from VA LPNs (RNs, also, for those interested as well) sharing the benefits and their outlook on working there. I live in the New York Metropolitan area. Do they have 12 hour shifts? Are the shifts steady or do they change? I have heard that in one week, a person may work days for a few, evenings, or nights all within that same week. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   ebear
    Me too! Thanks for starting this thread, Pagandeva2000. I would like to be involved with Veterans Affairs. Any suggestions, anyone??
  4. by   CRNA2007
    I think you will find the retirement system pretty good at the VA. The key I believe is too stay employed by them for a long period of time. I would imagine the benefits are pretty good, but I find a big difference in the quality of the facilities depending on your location.
  5. by   papergirlRN
    I work as a student nurse technician in the VA system and it has been my experience that the shifts are different depending on which floor or unit you're on. Some units have 12 hour shifts, some don't. And some units you'll work days or evenings and even pull a couple of night tours a month, but others you have a set schedule and set days off, even. Of course, I'm a long ways from New York - but that's how it works down here! :spin: Either way, I'm sure your VA has a lovely nurse recruiter that is itching to talk to you! hehe Give 'em a call!