Bedside computer charting

  1. I am working on a paper for my computer class in my BSN program. I am looking for current information on the advantages of bedside computer charting verses handwritten
    charting. How computer technology possibly is creating more time for patients with less charting. All responses are welcome.
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  3. by   Cathy W
    FYI, I don't know of any info but I did computer documentation (on the floor) and now I do hand written (in the ICU). With computer doc. there is a lot of info to select because there are preselected phrases. All nurses I worked with documented more (with comp) than they would have actually written. Also every nurse doing comp. doc. had no time to document during the shift. Most of it was done at the end and there was a lot of overtime. There is a preconceived notion that if a nurse is sitting at a computer, she (he) is not busy. Nurses were frequently called to rooms while they tried to document. The comp. doc was good for keeping statistics of acuity, if you picked the right phrase and administration would compile lists from the input. This documentation on the computer usually was not read by anyone, most nurses just did it to protect themselves if called to court in the future. 95% of the MD's never read it and joked about it. Nurses who still do the computer doc. where I work have decided to do double and triple documentation because the docs won't read the computer info. They have to write vitals on a clipboard on the foot of the bed, on their clipboards of their own, and in the computer. I have more fyi. I will look where I work for info and e-mail you if I find anything to quote. Good luck on the BSN!!!!!! Cath