Azusa Pacific Entry-Level Masters in Nursing ELM Current or Prospective

  1. Hey guys! Anyone in the ELM program at APU or planning on applying? I have questions regarding the application as well as how do you current students like the program? Is it possible to still work part time?
    Is it MANDATORY to take religious classes?? and can any Bachelors apply to this program? (I ask because Im in the process of getting my BS in Health Science of Healthcare Management)

    Also at my university I am taking Research Methods in Health Sciences. Would that apply as one of the prereqs?

    I know, A lot of questions! But I am trying to do my research before I graduate with my BS
    Originally I wanted to become a Rad Tech through mt sac since currently [FONT=Open Sans, sans-serif][COLOR=#1d1d1d]wait listed, but I figured continuing my education for a Masters is better.

    Thanks in advance! All are welcome![/COLOR][/FONT]
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