Average Salary for ADN

  1. I am a RN (ADN) working Pedi Homehealth (Private duty). I live in small town (32,000) My salary is $23.50/HR. I have 14 years of LVN experience and 1 year RN experience (7 years pedi experience) I am wondering what other nurses salaries are in relation to mine.
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  3. by   denicu
    Nurses salary has a lot to do with their specialty as well as location. Homecare does not usually pay well but the nurses that i know that works in NYC make a decent living. Move that same job with your experience to middle America and your salary will decrease.
  4. by   MedicalDreams
    In Chicago (well surrounding suburbs as well) ADN (RN) and BSN (RN) make approximately the same amount of money.

    FRESH out of school RNs (both ADN and BSN) start at about 55-60k A YEAR. With experience, the salary increases dramatically. This is working in a hospital though, 40 hours a week, not home care.

    PS: That's around $26-$29 an hour straight out of school.
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