Army Nurse Corps Reserve

  1. Ive been hearing alot about the army nurse reserves besides the educational benefits like loan repayment. Is this really a great oppurtunity I would love to hear from anyone who is currently involved or thinking about joining?

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  3. by   bluechick112
    I'd also like to hear about it. I was just speaking with friends about possibly being a Navy Nurse. Any info on any branch would be much appreciated, though.
  4. by   joyce294
    visit for more information or you can also contact
    contact the aecp manager at dsn 536-0381, or toll free 1-800-223-3735, ext. 6-0381 or send inquiries to
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    Come on over to the Government and Military Forum here on All Nurses!
    Go to the Specialty tab, then hit "nursing specialties"