are u sexually harrassed???

  1. I work at a veteran's hospital, and I'd say about every other day I have old, perverted men say stuff way out of line. Last week, I had a patient's guest approach me and say "I will lick your titties and eat your p***y". I ignored him, left the room, wrote it off as just another old fart. Then, as I was getting ice he accosted me again, "I'll give u five dollars to lick.." I was starting to get mad...I told him very gently "Sir, you are not allowed to talk to me this way." He walked away. I told the charge nurse, then I spoke to the nursing superviser. I have worked in strip clubs/bars/casinos scantily dressed and I have never seen such atrocious behavior!
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  3. by   MJ-12
    I am sorry you have to put up with that type of behavior.
    I haven't gotten finished getting my nurisng degree so i can't really say i have seen it or dealt with that type of behavior.

    Maybe you can try and change jobs to a hospital or some other place.
  4. by   shayraquelle
    I've only been working in a hospital for one month, and I can't tell u how many times I've been propositioned.. Thank god no one has had the balls to touch me yet..
    However, some pt's like to harass. One pt, called the nursing station to say "i just got dx w/ hep C, doesnt that just make your skin crawl?"
    I am mature enuff to know they are harassing, but where do u draw the line?? Do we need to include pt education material concerning "how to treat the hospital staff"?
  5. by   karenG
    yes I get harrassed sometimes.........and hate it. dont know if you have seen the 'carry on nurse' films over there but sometimes I wish they had never been made!! I dont mind some contact with patients- ok some give me a hug but when they try more its ugh time! last patient that did it had to find another doctor!

  6. by   night owl
    Been there many times. I work for the same employer. Most of the times it took another male to put them in their place! They seem to respond better when another male let's them know it's inappropriate behavior.
  7. by   Audreyfay
    The entire sexual harassment thing gives me the willies. I have had many situations like that. I just say, "no." At one time, when I wasn't married, I actually purchased a gold wedding band and wore it regularly to work. I was getting propositioned by these old bucks on a regular basis. How about using something like, "My husband would be so angry at you for...." Somehow, some of them lay off when the think there is a man involved.
  8. by   ktwlpn
    There is a BIG difference between true sexual harrassment and sexual remarks made by an institutionalized demented or psychotic old turd.....You need to learn the techniques for handling each one-you can't talk to the patients at the VA like you would some toothless skank in a titty bar...BY reacting to the remarks made to you that you quoted in your first post you did exactly what the fella wanted you to do-which was to react....Maintain a poker face-inform him that his behavior is unnacceptable and you wish for it to stop and walk away.Don't show that you are upset or angry-that is giving HIM control and that's what he wants....I took my clinical in a VA psych hospital and am not ashamed to say that there is not enough dollars an hour to make me work in that place....Thankfully-I don't have to-and there are plenty of folks that will....Always report this to yuor charge nurse-these behaviors are probably on the care plan and consistency in the approach is key..Maybe your work history has sensitized you-I don't see how the remark the man said about hep c is harassment-but I don't know the context of the conversation or his manner...As far as alert and oriented patient and visitors-lay it on them in a professional way...If you blush and giggle and let the first remark that made you uncomfortable slide by then in essence you are condoning the behavior and inviting an escalation.
  9. by   GAstudent
    I had one man tell me he wanted to get into my monkey. I just walked out of the room and had someone else go in there.
  10. by   magRN
    Working in the NICU I don't generally have that problem now...and it's a good thing because I blush so much....and that makes it a hundred time worse.
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    my method of handing

    Q. "will you __________?"

    A. 1) no sir, and please don't talk to me in that manner.

    or for the really persistant:

    2) what you are asking of me is not in my job description and is against company policy (this has yet to receive a reply of any kind and has always worked for putting and end to the 'proposition'.)

    I wear a wedding band, and i am single. 99% of the patients that typically have harassed the single nurses on my floor are respectful if they see a ring. this has worked well for me
  12. by   teeituptom
    Dang. no one ever harasses me. Im feeling neglected.

    and lives to talk about it
  13. by   obillyboy
    Although I am a Male I have had the experience of a young lady asking a not so appropriate question of me, or makeing an off statement to me.
    I just explain that I am here to give quality care and that the statement or question will be ignored.

    As for the ladies that have posted I work all the shifts as does the one other male on our unit. Whenthe ladies get flack from the pt. they let one of us know and we give them "The Lecture."

    Lecture......................Hi I am billy and I wuill be takeing over your care for the rest of the shift. Is there anything I can get for you?
    I would like to check things out real quick vitals and that sort of thing.....................then you go into thedirt with them.............Usualy I let them know that everyone needs to recieve respect in order to recieve it and that the ladies need to be treated nicely and that I will be more than pleased to provide there care if they do not feel that they can contain themselves thru their hospital stay.

    usually works........hoe it helps
  14. by   Gator,SN
    There is a BIG difference between true sexual harrassment and sexual remarks made by an institutionalized demented or psychotic old turd.....

    oops, sorry, after that, I couldn't read anymore of the thread!!!!!