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I work at a veteran's hospital, and I'd say about every other day I have old, perverted men say stuff way out of line. Last week, I had a patient's guest approach me and say "I will lick your titties... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I have had sexual remarks made to me by old male pts, that's easy enough to deal with.

    However, in my career, I've been sexually harrassed by three male CNAs.

    One made the following statement to me in the cafeteria in front of a table full of co-workers:
    "Every time I see you, my _____ get's hard."

    And this was at a state run facility.

    I couldn't believe the nerve of this jerk.

    I replied: "Do you realize you just violated federal sexual harrassment laws in front of all these witnesses?"

    That shut the jerk up. I reported him, but nothing was done.

    Another creepy CNA at a LTC where I worked used to sneak up behind me and blow on the back of my neck, or sneak up and whisper in my ear, startling me. I also reported this guy, and nothing was done...until he physically assaulted (hit) a resident.
  2. by   itsme
    EWWWW.. Helllo nurse.... I would have turned around and smacked him upside the head for blowing on my ncek, how icky!!! Geez there are alot of weird-os we deal with! For some reason the thought of someone blowing on my neck just really creeps me out!!
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    yes but had she hit HIM i'm SURE all heck would have been raised, as unfair as that is
  4. by   Hooligan
    It's at that point that I would have pulled out the freak on him. When questioned later as to why I beat the hell out of my co-worker, I would simply explain that I've been taking a self-defense class and my instincts took over and by the way...why was he behaving in a manner that would make me react in such a way? What jackasses!!! What makes people think they can treat others this way?

  5. by   mattsmom81
    I always find it amazing how sexual harassment is a big nono today...but plain old harassment and hostile work environment is OK.

    I guess facilities don't care cuz they can slither out of liability when docs, patients, etc. just plain treat us like crap. But the law says they can no longer look the other way when it is SEXUAL, so this is their focus. They condone the bad behavior by their indifference to nurse abuse.

    When I was young the sexual stuff was pretty bad. But back in the 70's 80's it was more accepted and we just tried to ignore it. One perk to getting old is that slows down...LOL.. it's the hostile work environment stuff that really wears me down today, it just gets worse and worse. <sigh>
  6. by   majrn
    No one is exempt and please feel glad if you have never had these types of remarks made to you. Most of the time it is just "dirty old man" attitude. I am far from drop dead gorgeous, I am a bbw and almost 40 years old, married with kids and have had elderly male patients attempt to "feel me up". I have been a nurse 15 years and you must do as said above and set limits and stick to your guns. If that doesnt work you have to change assignments or talk to a supervisor and let them handle the situation.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    I think laying down the law right from the get-go is a must.
    "Excuse me sir, but you have no right to talk to me in that manner. The disrespect you have just shown is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it!
    If you EVER say anything that I even slightly percieve as being disrespectful I will be reporting this to the administration (they don't know admin has deaf ears) and perhaps even to your WIFE!"
    Then have one of the guys go in and talk to him.
    Nobody should have to put up with that.