Applied mathematics in nursing

  1. Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up some prerequisite course work before beginning in a local AD nursing program in the fall. One of the classes I am currently enrolled in is College Mathematics. We have been assigned a paper detailing how the concepts of logic, set theory, and probability are applied and put into action by professionals currently working in our field of interest.
    We are required to seek out information from educators and others currently working in nursing. I have read so many insightful comments on such a wide variety of topics from members of this forum, I thought I would pose these questions to all of you:
    Why is it important for nurses to have a strong understanding of these concepts? How are these concepts applied on the job in nursing and how do they effect your day-to-day responsibilities? Lastly, in what capacity do you currently utilize these concepts.
    Any information you kind folks may provide is greatly appreciated, and will go a long way towards helping a future nurse obtain his goals.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    All mathematics in nursing zero in on one thing: medication calculations. Docs order meds by the dosages they desire, but meds often don't come that way. We have to be able to calculate how much to give. In critical care it's even more important because of the potency of the drugs: not enough and your patient can die. Too much and your patient can die.
  4. by   Myxel67
    Understanding of algebra is required to determine insulin dose, insulin sensitivity, and insulin:carbohydrate ratios. We use these calculations to help people on insulin pump therapy.

    In my work as a diabetes educator, I am required to keep up-to-date on current research and trends in diabetes treatment. A good math background is needed to be able to understand and interpret the studies.

    There are also nurses who actually do research, so understanding of math and statistics is needed to be able to design the study and analyze the results.
  5. by   Splendid Splinter
    Thank you for your responses Tazzi and Myxel67.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how logic, set theory, and probability relate to nursing?