Anyone work at a magnet hospital?

  1. As I read the discussions about working conditions at many facilities, I find myself wondering if the ANA magnet hospital status actually makes a difference at the staff level. I know it did in the late 70s, because I worked at one. It was wonderful. How about it, anyone able to share with the group about staff-level conditions at your hospital with ANA magnet status?
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  3. by   el
    Our hospital reached magnet status about 2 years ago. At the time, we had decent staff ratios and decent working conditions. But just like with any other inspection by JACHO or the State, after the inspecitons and the goal to reach magnet status was met, everything changed. So beware, it is rather deflating to be built up by admin to reach magnet and then be torn down once it is met. For the most part it is the paper pushers who get the credit and the rewards.