Anyone work at St. Francis, Roslyn, NY

  1. Hi all!

    Just curious. Does anyone on here work at St. Francis in Roslyn, NY? I interviewed there and got the call today that I am being offered a job there. Orientation starts on August 21st.

    Just want to know if anyone works there and can let me know what work environment is, how the nurses are treated, nurse to patient ratio, etc. I've heard so many conflicting opinions. I've heard that the nurses are horrible to the patients and overworked and the doctors are rude. I've also heard that it's great hospital, they treat their staff wonderful and offer very good training to the nurses.

    In addition, I was also offered a job in a completely different facility which is South Oaks (psych/drug rehabilitation). Psych has always been an interest of mine but I would love to get some Med/Surg experience under my belt before I get into Psych.

    Any thoughts?

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