anyone using Bid Shift for filling shift vacancies

  1. Is anyone using Bid Shift at your hospital. the program that allows staff to bid on vacant shifts throughout the organization?
    We have just purchased this and are awaiting the start of the process.
    If you are using it do you think it works?
    Right now we post a "short" sheet when a schedule is posted and people can sign up for extra shifts, it's mostly the people in the unit that sign up then we make calls to others we know will work with us.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    We use the system, but we use it in such a way that nurses don't bid against each other. We call them bid shifts, but they're really first-come first-serve OT shifts.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    like eric said: if you need some ot hours , this is esp helpful during the holidays, back to school time anytime you need extra money
  5. by   Rnandsoccermom
    Same thing here-using it for OT. We are currently having issues with delays in shifts being approved and people are getting upset. Staffing coordinator is having problems keeping up.
  6. by   angel o' mercy
    I also work in PA and we use BID Shift in our Health system. Works great for us. Have never heard anything negative about it yet and I have been there over a year. There is no competing for shifts unless someone else bids first. Usually will go to per diem or 1st bidder if more than one person wants the shift.
  7. by   SteveNNP
    We used it at the last hospital where I worked at, and it was great. No one outbid anyone else, and you could easily plan OT weeks in advance. You could also bid on other unit's shifts, which I did a lot. (within my comfort zone, like peds, PICU, ED) I wish the unit I'm on now used it....
  8. by   morte
    i had read some where that it was considered unprofessional.....especially by lowerering the compensation
  9. by   tree22_RN
    not sure if we will be putting and compensation in. I think we are looking at it more to help fill vacant shifts on the units. I am a manager and was wondering how much of my time will be spent trying to approve changes.
  10. by   tree22_RN
    I am the manager and that is what i am afraid of, now we do a manual short sheet and it's up for about a week and a half before the new schedule starts and we just sit down and put the shifts on the schedule in about an hours time. One shot, can't imagine having to do it on the computer