Anyone from Waco or Lubbock?

  1. My husband has applied to law school at Texas Tech and Baylor, so looks like we will be moving from Seattle. Anybody worked in Waco or Lubbock?
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  3. by   ClariceS
    From Lubbock! Tech has a great law school and I have worked with 2 other nurses who's husbands went there.
    UMC is affiliated with Tech's School of Medicine and is a great place for nurses. They support nursing staff as able in this time of crunch. Salaries will seem less than in the northwest but are definitely comparable to the area. Med surg ratios are 1:5-6, ICU ratios are 1:1-3. We are the only Trauma Level 1 in the area and are the only Childrens Miracle Network hospital in the area.

    Ok, did my bit for recruiting. Lubbock is a moderate size city with delusions of grandeur . Cost of living is going to seem very affordable after coming from Seattle. Great schools here. Good restaurants. Only 1 mall but it is a good size. We have most everything you might need from a city but you can be almost anywhere in the city in about 15 minutes. Well set up roads system. People are very friendly and glad to help out. Most houses are single story - just an interesting fact.

    Hope this helps some.
  4. by   JJFROG
    Thanks ClariceS! I went to TCU and know about the Texas salaries. Sounds like you work at UMC and I appreciate the advice. I am an ER nurse so the Level 1 trauma is a plus for me. Know much about the Covenant system? I just need to explore all possiblilites.
  5. by   agallegirl
    Did your husband ever decide which law school to attend? I am JUST starting my pre-reqs for nursing school and my husband attends the Baylor Law the time he graduates I will JUST be starting Baylors nursing program in Dallas!
  6. by   biscuit_007
    I don't live in Waco but I am moving to Temple which is about 30 miles south of Waco. I took a job in a Hospital there that has a great reputation called Scott and White. I know that they service the Waco area and are a level 1 trauma center and a Children's Miracle Netwoork Center as well as a great cancer treatment center. they have a site at Hope this helps.
  7. by   HeatherRN
    My husband went to Tech Law school 6 years ago and I taught as a faculty Associate in the Nursing school there (TTUHSC) for 2 years. Though the terrain was a bit difficult to get used to (flat and brown) we had a great experience. Eat at Jazz - great little jazz restaurant with cajun food. and Josie's is a great hole in the wall mexican place!! If your husband decides on Tech, email me and I can give you more info!
  8. by   Bradley
    Hello, I live in Amarillo, Lubbocks sister city.There graet places to live and raise a family. Low cost of living and alot of educational oppritunitys. There are some great nursing schools in both citys,and nice medical centers. Its pretty laid back with lots of things to do,but very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

    good luck
  9. by   Jay Levan
    Worked at St. Mary's in the seventies. I loved the town then, a definite "Party" atmosphere. There is a party every night at someones house, and meetin' and greetin' is the name of the game. Salaries then? I made $40K/yr average the two years I was there. Bet they are paying less now for nurses, than they were then Of course even if they are paying ($20/avg/hr) cost of living must be twice as much now, as it was then. Baptist Hospital is their level 1 trauma center I believe don't have figures for them, sorry. Lubbock is on what they call the "Cap-Rock" Hot but dry most of the year. I loved the area, but I was single then and footloose and fancy free, had great time in my stay there.
  10. by   Katybugg7
    Do you consider Lubbock a safe area. I am a new graduate looking at UMC. I would be moving there by myself and need to know that it is safe for a 23 year old woman. Also, what are the seasons like. I know it gets hot there in the summer, but how is the weather the rest of the year?
    Thank you!
  11. by   mlrockey
    I currently live and work in Waco. Hillcrest, who was bought out by Scott & White of Temple, is opening a new Level II facility off I-35 & Hwy 6 April 4th. There is also Providence in Waco, but it is not a trauma facility. S&W is a great Level I and is only a 30 minute shot down the interstate. Waco and Temple are both alright places to live, I guess. Maybe I'm just tired of Texas. Born and bred unfortunately. Good luck.
  12. by   Lily79
    I was born and raised in Lubbock, and graduated from Covenant School of Nursing. UMC is an AMAZING hospital. I did some great clinical rotations there. The nurseatient ratios are wonderful and manageable. I put in 2 years on a med/surg floor at Covenant and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I had nights with 10 patients, and many of them should have been on ICU floors.

    Lubbock is a relatively very safe area. I felt fine there by myself. As a single woman, just use normal precautions (don't go running late at night, duh...)

    In summary: Covenant School of Nursing was one of the best things that ever happened to me, but I would never recommend employment there.
  13. by   Katybugg7
    Thank you for replying! How was the weather year round? How cold did it get in the winter?
  14. by   Lily79
    It snows a few times each winter. But overall the weather is pretty warm (national average, I suppose). I'm living in Michigan now, so I would KILL for it to only snow a few times a year! Lol!