Anyone attending the Healthcare Networking Event in Oklahoma City on Tuesday Feb 20?

  1. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone was going to attend the Healthcare Networking Event on Tuesday Feb 20th from 9-noon at The Oklahoman? I've heard they are going to have several recruiters from Integris, Mercy Memorial, home health agencies & Oklahoma state agencies. Sounds like it is a pretty comfortable forum w/breakfast. Does anyone know any more details?
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  3. by   nurscee
    I have to work that day so I don't know. I would probably show up for free breakfast if I could!:roll
  4. by   Interesting
    I think I am going to go to check it out -- don't think it could hurt. Never know what I might find out. I'll let you guys know what I find out. Can't beat free breakfast and to meet some new friends!