Any nurses or nursing students from West Virginia?

  1. I have to do a speech analysis for my speech class. I have a speech by Senator John D. Rockefeller IV spoke at the Southern W Virginia Community College on April 12, 2002. Supposedly it was a Nursing Shortage Conference, but I can't find out no information about it. I'm trying to see who the audience actually was. He speaks about the Nurse Reinvestment Act, the National Nurse SErvice Corps Scholarship Program and the National Commission on the Recruitment and Retention of Nurses.

    I thought I would start here before contacting the school. I'm mainly curious if it was geared towards all students at that college, established nurses, or students interested in the healthcare field.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

    (Thank God speech is almost over :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar - not my favorite class but a requirement).
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