Any NP out there??

  1. After reading all the posts on here, I've become very discouraged about my new career choice. However, my ultimate goal is to be a NP, any advice on this?? Is this just as bad???
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  3. by   Jason-ACNP
    In my opinion, mainstream nursing and advanced practice nursing (as an NP) is incomparable. Autonomy, respect, excellent pay, and great hours are just a few of the benefits (for myself).

    My advice is to investigate the curriculum of the program you are looking into. Unfortunately, as an article in U.S. News and World Report pointed out two years ago, there are entirely too many NP programs in the country (far more than medical schools) with the end result being many of these schools offering a substandard education. Once a year U.S. News and World Report ranks the top 50 graduate programs in the country for several specialties, including law, medicine, CRNA, and NP. They may do so again this year.