any cosmetic surgery rn's? laser surgery?

  1. i am just curious... i didnt see an area for dermatology nursing... do any of you do dermatology/cosmetic surgery??
    also have you heard of rn's getting liscensed to do cosmetic procedures like laser resurfacing etc???
    at my derm drs office when i told someone i was going for nursing..she pulled me aside and said " honey go to school and enjoy ..but i gotta tell you the nurses hear pull about a grand a day doing laser therapy treatments"
    now i am not saying this is what i will do...bc my heart is in womens healthcare..but i am a cosmetologist( liscensed in hair and skin etc) so i could possible see something like this could be up my alley.

    also what do other nures think of cosmetic nursing??
    xoxo jenn
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  3. by   Nurse GOODNIGHT
    Cool topic! I would be interested to know too.
  4. by   niamh2739
    i am interested to know as well.