ANCC Exam in October - HELP!

  1. Iam taking the ANCC Generalist Board Certification Exam for Med/Surg RN's in Oct. Has anyone else out there taken this exam and do you have any tips on how or what to study? I've worked on challenging med/surg floors since graduation (91) but haven't taken any 'real' tests since my boards! Help!

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  3. by   Mary Lynn Briggs
    I am taking the med/surg cert. exam in 10/98. I bought a set of review tapes (I have not started listening yet). I got the tapes on the advice of a coworker who had taken the NP exam several years ago. I have also been told to review the NCLEX review books. If you go to the ANA web site, find the pages that deal with the cert. exams. There is a list of of different review courses and tapes avail. I hope that this helps a little. Where are you taking the exam? I will be taking it in San Francisco>