Always work same schedule...Then changes no warning!

  1. We do a type of self scheduling. I choose Sun, Mon, & Tue for my base days....then every 3rd weekend I work Sat, Sun & Mon. I have been working this for months. I planned a trip to see my daughter around this schedule. I just got my newly posted one & it has me working on the days I am always off. You guessed it the days I have plane tickets & will be another odd day thrown in later in the schedule. I chose this so I would know when I am working & could plan things. I am hoping this is just a mistake. I explained it on a copy of my schedule & turned it back in....geezh. What a mess! Guess I just wanted to vent to plane tickets are non-refundable! Any advice?
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  3. by   nurse_nan
    I guess that would depend on whether or not you spoke to management or the scheduler about your intended plans. Most units will not guarantee cyclical schedules - keep that option open for when they have acute needs. Go to the scheduler. Explain calmly and reasonably that you anticipated your days off and planned a trip. Ask what can be done to accommodate your trip. They will most likely work with you.
  4. by   oramar
    This is a complaint I hear so often from coworkers. Hope you can get it changed. I can understand why you did not warn them in advance that you needed certain days off. However, even if you are working steady schedule maybe in the future you could mention travel plans to person doing schedule. I should talk. I almost missed the cut off for my schedule request. Meanwhile I was going out of town for my son wedding. Remembered to request it at last possible second. Boy would I have been in a pickle if I had not remembered at the last second.
  5. by   Altra
    For future reference, check your department/facility scheduling policies. We have self-scheduling also, but our policy states that everyone must be available for all days/shifts. We all have our preferences, i.e. days of the week, and those are generally met, but if we need a specific day off we need to specifically request it.
  6. by   SCRN1
    This is one reason I work per diem. We go out-of-town frequently throughout the year, plus I want to be able to go to my son's baseball games. If I don't put down that I'm available on certain dates, they can't schedule me. I'm only obligated to do two 12-hr shifts per month, but usually put in for 3 a week and get them.

    When I did work as full-time staff, we had to work every other weekend in addition to whatever weekdays and were set on certain weekends through the whole year. Once, when I needed a week off, I was granted the weekdays but was told I had to find someone to replace me the weekend I was off. Talk about a pain trying to get someone to work on a weekend!

    I agree with the others about checking to see if they will change it for you since it's still early enough to make changes. If they won't, see if someone will switch with you. Good luck!
  7. by   BittyBabyGrower
    Same here....never count on soon as you do it changes. If you really needed those days off you should have made sure you put it in writing for the scheduler. Hope you can get it changed!
  8. by   crb613
    Thanks everyone...The scheduler is another noc shift nurse, then it goes in for approval. Her schedule has her off every weekend this month I don't know the circumstances so....Anyway lesson learned!
  9. by   caliotter3
    I ran into one of these situations with a different twist. We had scheduling patterns. New supervisory personnel were brought in. One of my co-workers got cozy with the new floor supvr, day shift, and got her scheduled days off the way she wanted them by talking to this person. My schedule was dependent on my school schedule on a rare basis. I voiced my concern when a big problem came up. I was accommodated, but very sternly told, "don't you ever ask for this again!" leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth, and wondering what I had done wrong. What was "strange" about this situation, was that I had been hired to replace the person who got her way. She was to be fired. And I was considered a useful acquisition b/c of school and my status after graduation. What I did not know at the time, was that this person was "working" the new floor supvr. Probably, had plenty to do with why I got downsized, and she stayed, instead of the other way around! In other words, (to use polite phraseology), she was way into politics, and knew how to get what she wanted. If it was supposed to be a consolation, after I was downsized out of my job altogether, this person had to pick up slack, even though she excelled at resisting real labor.

    Anyhow, when it comes to schedules. Always, communicate on a regular basis with whoever, has input. You never know when the tide may change. And when it comes to vacations and such that require tickets, and other arrangements, put your requests in writing, even if your employer does not have a form or protocol for doing this. The earlier you put in your written request, and occasionally remind people, the better chance you have of getting what you need. Good luck.
  10. by   crb613
    Well it has all worked out!!!! I was put back on my normal schedule. What a relief.........whew! Thanks for listening & the good advice.