All Nurses Need A Vacation

  1. I chartered from Tradewind Yachts and absolutely loved it!!! Check this out!!
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  3. by   night owl
    mandyRN2B, Hi! didn't even see your post. I just woke up because I'm a night shifter! How do I go about chartering this yacht? I'd love to sail off into the sunset. Sounds soooooo romantic!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   night owl
    mandyRN2B, We must have posted at practically the same time. Thanks for the info. I'm going to check this out......
  5. by   mandyRN2B
    yeah, call 800-825-7245, Linda will be able to help you out. If you call for next year you will get an extra 10% off and you can rent a skipper to sale the boat for you. If you invite friends (like I did) and split it up. It's so cheap to spend a week in the BVI'S.