After CGFNS ..What are the other things to do

  1. Hello friends!!!

    Now I cleared CGFNS exam. What are the other requirements to be come to united States ?

    Whether TOFEL and TSE both are required ?????

    When Should i apply for visa screen ?

    Thanks in Advance
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  3. by   alexchacko
    Hey friends!!

    No replies!!!!!!!??????? I am sad....

  4. by   NurseDennie
    No replies probably means nobody has any idea. It sounds like something that has to be handled from where-ever you're coming from.


  5. by   Gomer
    Congratulations on passing your CGFNS. You now need an American employer to sponsor you for a work visa and of course, to pass Boards in whichever state you plan to work. You might try Baylor (in TX) or any of the Tenet hospitals (I understand that they may still sponsor).