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  1. Hello all! I start clinicals in the fall and am very excited about it. However, my school hasn't given us any recommendations as far as reading or studying over the summer. I really want to read beforehand so things will come to me easier in class. Any suggestions for books or study giudes that would give me a leg up in class? thanks so much!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Gosh.... truthfully the first thing that came to mind is House of God by Samuel Shem.....a totally irreverent picture of hospital medicine.

    Actually I'd practice doing ratio and in drug calculations:
    eg: You have Aspirin 325mg/1 tablet.
    You want to give 975mg
    How many tablets do you give?

    I'd practice knowing what the normal vital signs are, what some common lab values are.

    I'd certainly practice wearing work shoes and find the best feeling ones ahead of time.

    I'd practice care plans, get a book by Mi Ja Kim.....Pocket Guide to Nursing Diagnosis because you will need to know the NANDA diagnoses, so might as well read up on how they're phrased.

    I'd practice getting up early and seeing what the early morning feels like before summer is over! My first year was horrid 'cause I had a night job and my body didn't know how to wake up at 0500. Oh yes practice military time.

    Good luck!!!

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