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  1. Hi. I need some help.
    I have just taken on a new position as an admitting nurse. This is a new position in the hospital which is temporary position to see how it works out.
    I am working independently and want to make it work.
    The admission starts in the ED dept., with the initial admit orders but no beds available to transfer the patients too, until there is a bed available I am responsible to have the patients new orders taken care of.
    The problem is that I come to work and there are 12 admissions!!
    No one can take care of all there is to do!
    I would welcome any feedback if your hospital has any criteria or admission team approach.
    I also am a extra hand when the ED is busy. I feel like I am sinking at times, but enjoy working with all the new pts.
    I feel it is so important to start the pts. admit off on a good note.
    I'll wait for your reply's.........................
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