Administrative Complaint

  1. I think this is a very real issue for people and I personally hope never to discover HOW real it could be.
    The question is, "How do you find a lawyer that has expertise in dealing with the state board of nursing??"
    Some ways I would CONSIDER. If you know a lawyer, ask them for a referral. I think most legal societies have a referral service. Consider asking your state nurses association for a referral to lawyers with expertise in the area. Consider talking to your malpractice carrier and asking them to direct you to a lawyer.
    Good luck.
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  3. by   jillifer82
    I had a complaint filed to my state's board of nursing. The complaint was unjustified. I had an initial interview with the Dept. of medical standards of my state. Many months passed, and now I have received a legal form giving me three choices of action to decide on in 21 days or my license will be suspended! I have no idea what the official charge is, it is not mentioned. They want me to pay $500.00 and they will sweep it under the rug, I can fight it legally, or surrender my license! I am outraged by this and I want to fight this.I cannot accept the fact that I can be bullied like this. I quit the job where the incident is said to have happened, and have been working in the field of clinical research(which I love) without incident. My question is, what kind of legal professional should I contact to help defend myself in this situation?
  4. by   jillifer82
    I answered my own question! After searching a bit, I discovered that an attorney who handles administrative law, is the proper person to contact. I thought this information might be useful to someone in the future. My fight begins!