about ultraviolet rays..need answers!

  1. hi guys.. just wanted to know if this uv rays can harm pregnant women specially on their first tri because we are using this in our operating room for our or rooms though every time they are doing it their are blocking the rays by using curtains but still it's not 100 % blocked and i've done my research and it affects the skin and the eyes,i just need some additional info. thank you so much. god bless everyone!
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  3. by   walkiez
    i think it's unlikely. i wouldn't really know though. just thinking about it uv rays aren't even strong enough to effect past ones hypodermis so are unlikely to directly effect a developing foetus. i have heard that strong (like, sitting in the sun all day) uv rays have the potential to breakdown folic acid which helps prevents spina bifida during the first 12 weeks. im not sure how true that is.

    id say using 'curtains' would block enough to prevent folic acid damage.