ab 394 and utilization of unlicensed assistive personnel

  1. I understand that California has signed legislation to stop the unauthorized proliferation and use of unlicensed assistive personnel in acute care settings.They are not allowed to perform the following:
    1 Administration of medicine
    2 Venipuncture or intravenous therapy
    3 Parenteral or tube feedings
    4 Invasive procedures including inserting nasogastric tubes,inserting catheters, or tracheal suctioning
    5 Assessment of patient condition
    6 Educating patients and their families concerning the patient's health care problems,including post discharge.
    7 Modeate complexity laboratory tests, and
    8 Other functions requiring a substantial amount of scientific knowledge and technical skills. Has any other state done the same and if so which state? I fear that if more states don't give clear definitions on what for example a nurseing assistant can and can not do someone's going to get hurt and someone's going to get sued.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Yes. Check out www.calnurse.org