A SCARY but ANXIOUS feeling about Nursing

  1. I am a student right now who is going to be in the 2 yr. nursing program in Houston. I do plan to get my BS degree after I get my AA degree. I am very anxious about becoming a nurse, but I am scared crazy about how difficult it is going to be. I hear many stories from other students who have either failed out of the program, or just could not handle it. I have a great desire to become a nurse to help others, but when I think of the hard work and so much of the material I am going to have to learn, I get SCARED. Is there any words of advise for me, from any nurses that have already been through the hard work of studying and schooling!!
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  3. by   jillifer82
    I remember feeling scared also at the beginning. I saw all of the upperclassmen in their white uniforms, and felt very envious! Would I ever get there!? Please, take a deep breath and relax. Don't be overwhelmed. Take one task at a time. Have study groups with classmates where you can not only study, but chat with each other about your fears, and dreams. Before you know it, you will be at your capping ceremony! Remember your reasons for going into nursing, and it will help to focus you. If you study, the classes really are not that difficult. I graduated with a 3.65 GPA, higher than my high school GPA! And I didn't have to exhaust myself. Hang in there! : )
  4. by   Erbn Girl
    I have to agree! Study groups are what had helped me get through the tough times when I was in my ADN program. Now I am enrolled in an RN-MSN program working towards being a Nurse Practitioner! The learning never stops and having friends to study with and get you through the tough times are very important. Nursing is not an easy field, but having a goal in mind makes the road easier to travel. Be good to yourself, take time off to smell the roses between classes and studying, and never be afraid to ask when you don't know something. You'll do great! Good Luck!!