1. we were having a HEATED dicussion the other day about this subject. i found that the response depended on if you were talking about LPN/ASN/diploma/BSN/MSN, how people actually practice (i.e. LPN's assessing, but calling it a "systems review", or public perception. i thought i would see what other people thought.
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  3. by   sakeena
    As I stated earlier I am from Indy also. The reason I left is because there was so much put downs on people with different titles. I worked in a nursing home as a cna while I was in college and the RNs looked down on the lpns because they were not "nurses", the RN bsn looked down on ADN because they were not 100% nurses. That stopped me from becoming an LPN or anything else at that time. People put so much into titles that they forget about the job theyare suppose to be doing. Which is patient care. As long as my nurse takes care of me and does what they are suppose to I do not care if they are a LPN, ADN, diploma... as long as they do there job and do it well the title does not matter. ( that is why i am having so much trouble with my RN diploma program)
  4. by   peck13
    i agree. a lot of people get hooked up on titles, and think they are too good to do menial tasks. it is especially bad in the BSN program. the program i went through (and many others) kept reminding us that we were the "real" nurses, and many people buy into that. they are offended by the reality that they actually have to empty bedpans and do vital signs. the result is that no one wants to work with them.
  5. by   nrsen99
    I think that we all need to know our place as health care workers. I have an ADN. I agree that there are things in health care that I am not qualified to do. For instance, I am not educated in nursing research or nursing adminstration. On the other hand, I am an awesome critical care, burn nurse. As far as Lienced Vocational Nurses are concerned, they are not Registered nurses. They are very good at data collection. As a matter of fact I work with some LVNs that could work their way around some RN's. The difference is they don't have the same education. When it comes to understanding the pathophysiology of certain body systems and medications they just don't "get it". No matter what type of nursing you do, everyone that is a nurse from CNAs, Student nurses, nurse externs, LVNs, Diploma, ADN, BSN, MSN, to PHDs in nursing. We all work very hard and we all care tremendously for those people that are sick.
  6. by   jen622
    I'm an associate degree nurse and so is my D.o.n. I work with a couple of BSN's and they don't get paid any more than I do. Frankly, I don't care if you have a Phd, if your personality sucks you won't get the job, or if you do you won't keep it. I like to work with people who do their job and treat other people with respect and kindness.My D.o.n got her job with an Adn because she has a good personality and is nice. When you die god isn't going to judge you on your title, he's going to judge you on how you treated others. I don't think anyone should be doing I.v.s off the street, though, it's too dangerous. Lpns and Rns should be the only ones doing catheter insertion and I.v.s.
  7. by   wildcat
    let's all go operate on patients...MD is just a title...we are the real...oh who am I kidding. There is something in a title. The title says that you have put in the time and effort to achieve something. If a lab tech tried to do the job of a LPN, the LPN would see them as uneducated. RN to LPN is the same thing. DO the time and become the title or don't complain.