a new twist on mandatory OT

  1. The Management on our unit must really be getting heat from on high about the OT (short staffing, so nurses have to chart sometime!!) ... to eliminate the nurses being to long in report, the "Charge Nurse" has to now come in 30 minutes early to get report and make assignments She has to be done with report in 20 minutes, and have assignments made...
    anybody out there know if staff can be forced to come in 30 minutes early every day of their shift??? Would appreciate feedback for my colleagues... thanks
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Morghan, if the charge nurses are all coming in 30 minutes early, it stands to reason that they should be finishing 30 minutes early also, doesn't it? After all, the NEXT charge nurse is 30 minutes early also, so if report is done at 10 minutes to the hour, what is the charge nurse from the off-going shift supposed to be doing for the next 40 minutes-- she has already turned over her responsibility to the oncoming nurse!

    BTW, the off-going charge nurse on my unit makes out the assignments for the on-coming shift so that we all know our assignments before we get report. It sure cuts down on the crush at the main desk and also the noise and confusion at the beginning of our shifts. Would this system work for you?
  4. by   morghan
    Thanks to Jenny for the response... that does make lots of sense to have the off-going RN make assignments hmmmm wonder why the boss didn't think of that one.. and no, the nurses stay the entire shift, they do not leave 30" early.
  5. by   Jenny P
    Then they darn well had better be paid overtime for that extra 1/2 hour!!!! Sorry, if they are demanding the charge to come in early and stay the whole shift, then she gets paid overtime according to anyplace I've ever worked. THIS IS A CROCK!!!!!!!!