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I've gotten multitude of email from those of you how are wandering about me in my absence from the boards, so I thought I would update everyone at once, and save time :) Sorry for the lack of... Read More

  1. by   nursedawn67
    Brandy sounds like you got your plate full, but congrats on getting what you have always wanted! It's such a nice feeling isn't it? Don't worry about you and Kevin making time together...I work 6p to 6a myself and my hubby works days about 8 to 12 hours 6 to 7 days a week. WE just tell others this is our time together and they all respect it and let us be alone...including our children. Good luck and don't worry we'll be here when you need us!
  2. by   Enabled
    Brandy, a hearty welcome to you and good luck on the NCLEX. When I took the boards in Florida during the stone age we were tested for 8 hours on two days with minimal breaks for a break. We had 4 hour sessions. Then when we finiches they gave us a notification that said we could work until our results came through. We took the exam in June and had to wait till September to have the results. A gal in my class got 1601 with 1600 being the passing grade. She is a terrific nurse. She knows her stuff and she is an excellent clinician. Good Luck and from what I understand you get the results immedicately. So as soon as you get home you post girl with RN after your name. Welcome to a wonderful profession that will allow you to grow as far as you can. Disabled
  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Thanks everyone! Now, Im into wedding plans. 4 days till my NCLEX! Thank you everyone who has been pulling for me With so much going on right now, it is great to be able to come here and talk with all of you who have been in these situations before! You are a truely wonderful bunch!

    I'll be sure to come back and post updates until this all slows down. Once again, thanks for all the support!

  4. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    Hey Brandy,
    Just wanted to say congradulations also. I haven't been on the boards in a very long time. You have lots of new changes all at once! I am also a nightowl married to a M-F (usually) day man who travels at times for business. You will find your time is VERY precious and have to turn down others to make your time together off QUALITY. At least 'most' of our family is understanding about that!

    Enjoy the wedding planning and remodeling...both are fun but take slices of time out for you to renew also!
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Hi Brandy...you DO have lots going on, girl... remember to take some time 'just for Brandy' too!

    Good luck on your boards (altho you don't need luck...you will do GREAT I can tell)...and let us know how the wedding plans are coming along!
  6. by   eltrip
    Good luck on your boards. I know that you'll do well!

    Have fun planning your wedding!

    Happy Friday!
  7. by   Kikumaru
    Brandy, you will be in my thoughts when you take your boards. Remember, don't get the figures on costs of your wedding plans mixed up with calculations on your state boards!
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    good to see and read a bow chew Brandy. Weren't you getting married soon too? Maybe your all ready married, and I am a space case.
    Hope you enjoy enjoy working? Is your census low, like mine :-(
    So, you drive one of them SUV things. I see them all the time, and always keep a close eye on them when I am in the lane with them. I always give them the right of way.
    On a bicycle, the SUV's are the killers. When you get hit by a sporty car, you just get kocked up onto the hood. But the SUV's are hard to jump up and away from. I give them plentry of room
  9. by   RNforLongTime

    Good luck on your NCLEX exam! You'll do just fine! Keep us posted on your progress! When is your wedding again? I forgot. My little brother is getting married Oct 11 of this year so we'll be getting busy soon with plans for that! Was about ready to strangle his fiancee over her choice for bridesmaids dresses. Actually, I think that most of us ladies in the wedding party are married so we'd be "matrons".

    Anyhow, good luck to you, I'll be thinkin about ya on Tuesday! Let us know!

  10. by   studentnurse_02
    hey brandy! congrats to you!! I took my NCLEX on june 12 and am waiting for my results. (should hear by this wednesday.) they dont hire graduate nurses here unless you want to be a nurse tech, which i definently dont want to do. congrats on your aztek, too. i almost got one but i got a Pontiac Vibe instead. i love it!!! in case u dont know, its the car with the power outlet (like in your house.) glad to hear ur still doing ok, otherwise! talk to you later!!
  11. by   BrandyBSN
    I passed Found out today

    Wedding is August 10th...

  12. by   finallyRN
    Congrats on passing. You are official now.
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by brandybsn
    i passed found out today

    wedding is august 10th...

    congratulations, brandy, rn! enjoy planning your wedding and much continued success to you!