A little self-indulgence

  1. Hi everyone.
    I thought I'd like to share my success with you all. I have finally completed my Bachelor of Nursing (basic RN qualification in Australia) and registered with the NSW Nurses Registration Board. I've also been accepted into a 12 month 'graduate nurse transitional program' at one of Sydney's larger hospitals.
    Having worked for 8 years as an Enrolled Nurse and worked very hard for my degree, I thought I'd like to share my good news with everyone.

    Thanks for 'listening'
    Hayden McDonald
    CertNurse(Enrolled Nurse), BN, EN, RN
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  3. by   nsgsup
    Congratulations Hayden!!!! Good luck with your transitional program!
  4. by   LRichardson
    Congratulations Hayden!!! wooo wooooooo... doing the happy dance for ya!! welcome.. welcome to the incredibly frustrating.. exacerbating.. and yet most rewarding field of nursing!!!

    from Oklahoma, USA