30 year LPN's pay versus New RN grads pay.

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  3. by   nurs4kids
    I actually hate to respond to this, because I think you're just trying to start another argument. It's just a good thing you're not an administrator, because with that attitude and the nursing shortage, you'd be running right along side your staff. Speaking as a RN, IF i were a LPN there is no way I'd stay with a facility that didn't appreciate my 30yrs of service any more than they appreciate a new grad RN!

    BTW..please satisfy my curiousity..what's the point in this post?
  4. by   P_RN
    When I started at my last employer (back while dinosaurs still roamed the earth), the ORDERLY on our unit made more than I did with my 6 years RN experience!
  5. by   tiger
    i think experience and loyalty should count for something. j
  6. by   Smitty,RN
    Chuckie, you have got to be kidding...Do you actually live/work in the real world??