2nd Entry BScN - York University vs. UofT

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm considering applying for the 2nd Degree BScN program offered at York/ UofT - do you have any feedback about the program?
    re: how did you find the course load, the professors?
    Did you enjoy the program and would you recommend it?
    Did you find it particularly hard to maintain a high GPA considering the workload?

    I would really appreciate your comments/feedback!

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  3. by   Joyce22

    I think you'll get more inputs if this question is posted in the Canadian forum.
  4. by   slawrence
    Thanks Joyce - could you please provide me with the url for the cdn forum?

  5. by   Joyce22
    On the homepage click on region followed by international, then click on Canadian nursing forum. There, you'll see lots of information pertaining to nursing in Canada.

    I hope this helps