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general microbiology or nursing microbiology?


My school offers a General microbiology course and a Nursing Microbiology course, and my question is do most community college/state college/or universities, accept Nursing Microbiology for their nursing program? What's the difference?


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if it were me and i wasn't exactly sure of all the different schools i was going to apply to, i would take general microbiology. if you know where your going to apply, call the school(s) and see if they would accept it.

I would call the school you want to go to, but I would think the nursing micro course would be the one they would take. They will probably want the one that is the prerequisite for the nursing school at whatever college you are taking your prerequisites at. I took general micro as part of my undergrad, and my nursing school wanted me to take medical micro, rather than just accepting my general micro.

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