GED, CC then transfer?

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Hi everyone. I only have my GED. I am attending community college and want to transfer into a UC or calstate as an upperdivision for a bsn. I want to know if my GED will affect me transfering into a bsn program. Should i go back and get my high school diploma or is there anything i can do during community college that can have my GED overlooked? Will it really affect me when i apply to schools i want to transfer to? If you got accepted into a bsn program after transferring from a cc and only had your ged tell me your opinion please! ANY FEEDBACK WILL BE GREAT. Thank you.

I'm not sure how competitive schools are in Cali, but can speak about your other concerns a bit.

I quit school very young. I later earned my GED, followed by vocational training, a CC degree, and a university degree. I will most likely move on to post graduate studies as well. What I found was that the more serious I was about gaining knowledge and building a career, the more seriously the world took me in return. Always do your best. Seek knowledge because you want it. It will show and you'll be considered for advancement both academically and professionally. Your current accomplishments will make earlier poor decisions moot as long as you put your all into what you're doing NOW.

Best of luck!