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GCU PICOT Capstone Project... Topic HELP!!


Specializes in ER. Has 4 years experience.

Hello all you wonderful people!!!

I am about to start my Capstone course at GCU and am having a hard time working out what I can do as a PICOT topic successfully.

I am interested in ER protocols and their benefit, the treatment psych patients receive through the ER, and also wound care. If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to form a PICOT statement for one of those that will also allow me to find current research on it I would be SOOOOOOO appreciative. I have spent several days trying to work this out and am banging me head against the wall!!!


I can point you in the right direction: Google Scholar search for "PICOT + nursing + (whatever your area is)" and find the myriad articles in nursing journals that discuss it in detail. See if that doesn't get your process in gear.


Specializes in ER. Has 4 years experience.

Thank you for the help!