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Gateway Mental Health clinic Metro Detroit?

johnnoes johnnoes (New) New

Any nurse working at a Gateway Mental Health company in Metro Detroit?

How do you like it?

Do all the nurses work the same hours?

Do some work a later shift, like 12 noon until 8 PM?

What is a typical pay rate there for an RN?

How do you spend most of your working hours?

Are you mainly at the clinic?

Do you spend most of the time going to patient's homes?

Is the paperwork as heavy as with home health nursing?

Would you rather work there or in a psychiatric hospital?

Do you find it exhausting?

Are the people, meeting staff and patients, generally easy enough to get along with?

Do most new nurses start part-time?

Is there any vacation pay?

Do they hire frequently?

Any more info or opinions?

Thanks for helping me make a job choice.