Urea Breath Test / ABCA Machine

  1. Hi! Do you also take samples for UBT and process them in the Automatic Breath C Analyser Machine?

    We are doing it in our department and find it quite difficult dealing with the machine. SOmetimes it gives high readings which is above the acceptable range, and sometimes lower than the acceptable bracket. My colleague who endorsed it to me when she went on leave said it is still acceptable.

    I am just doing the processing but i dont really understand how that machine works.

    It is sad to do things which u are not oriented properly.
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  3. by   EndoRN
    Never heard of it........
  4. by   ENDOgal
  5. by   ton
    can't find it on internet......!!
    is there another name for it?
  6. by   LibraSun
    Urea Breath Tests are done in our Radiology dept. (they measure the amount of Urea exhaled. H Pylori bacteria cause elevated levels--I think because the cell wall neutralizes the stomach acids so that it can live, and the byproduct is urea. But will leave that for a chemist...) You should never give results that you believe are inacurate--for what ever reason. The end result will be that the pt has to do the test twice versus being treated unnecessarily. Which is worse? More costly?

    Are you guys using a C-14 UBT?