should nurses mask or not mask during endoscopy?

  1. This is currently a hot topic in our endoscopy unit. Our new clinical coordinator changed some of our policies and procedures. She has added that nurses are required to wear mask during colonoscopies. What is the practice at your hospitals? Is this the standard?
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  3. by   brownbook
    Not standard in our unit?!
  4. by   creo
    We do not wear masks for colonoscopies, only for bronchoscopies. I like to wear goggles during all procedures. What is your Clinical Coordinator's rationale?
  5. by   eCCU
    We have face shields not every one uses them but I always have all the people in the room wear one! Especially the tech and the doc they are so close to the patient. They now used to doing it when they in my room. We have a very aggressive process after exposure to body fluids! I'd hate to see any of my coworkers go through it just because of a cheap face shield.