Nurses advancing endoscopes

  1. I am wondering how many Endo nurses advance the scopes for EGD's and Colon's for doctors.

    We have one surgeon who has not practiced for about 8 months and now has returned to work. He can not manipulate the knobs and advance at the same time and tells us to advance the scope.
    (He never could do it)

    Unfortunatley we all were trained by this surgeon and did not know, til we actually started working the GI docs, that it is not neccesary to advance the scope for them. As one GI doc said "who ever is driving the scope, is doing the procedure".

    All the nurses I work with now are not comfortable advancing the scope for this surgeon since we no longer have to do it for anyone else. I would like some info to pass on to my manager about Who "drives the scope" and why. SIGNA states that nurses may advance the scope with a clear lumen visable, but this still does not sit well with us.

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