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  1. Anyone work in a GI Office that does procedures or an endoscopy center ownded by a GI practice. What do you think of this kind of setting verses a hospital setting. Pros- cons... Please share! Thanks!
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  3. by   katfoster
    I work both places and the hospital could be an all day experience to get your colonoscopy done. The hospital you have them and hour before procedure then the admission desk. The ton of paperwork history IV Start then wait for the doctor. We have them early because we want them ready when we have time to do them. Emergencies and inpatients have a certain amount of priority. Recovery the need to be totally awake and not nauseated. The ride usually takes off and some nurses like to baby a patient in recovery so the won't get another patient. Some patients insist on lunch after procedures too, which I wouldn't recommend

    The Clinic is shorter. One and a half hours max. We allow thirty minutes to admit and start IV, 30 Minutes for procedure and 30 minutes to recover and get out the door. The clinic has no room for patients to spend time. Recovery is 10 minute nap juice a talk with the doctor and out the door. Patient rides are not allowed to even leave and come back for them. Very Efficient.